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3 reasons your garage door isn’t working


Homeowners across Bradford and the UK often taken their garage door for granted but when it's not working it can be a real inconvenience. Despite garage doors being manufactured to an extremely high standard that has a lifespan of over a decade, they still are not immune to faults.

Remote control batteries are dead

The most common reason your garage door isn’t opinion or closing is because the batteries in your remote control are flat and need to be replaced. Most modern garage doors automated and therefore open electronically with the use of a remote control. This key will send a signal to your garage doors transmitter to open and close the door. The best way to check if the problem is the remote control is to manually open the door from a button inside the garage, if it works, then simply replace your batteries.

Your springs have broken
If your garage door has power, but still won’t open, your tension springs may be broken. Your garage door uses heavy duty springs that do the heavy lifting to open your door, this works similarly to the beaded springs that open and close window blinds. If these snap or break they will need replacing by a specialist.

There is an obstacle
This can either be incredibly easy or equally difficult to identify as the problem, although the fix is simple. If there is a large object in the way of your garage door, this will obviously prevent it from closing properly. Sometimes the debris that is blocking your garage door may not be immediately noticeable or visible if it is something small, like a stone. Simply brush along the floor of your garage door to make sure nothing is in the door’s path.

If your garage door still doesn’t work call a professional at Bradford Garage Doors on 01274 352 303.

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