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Boy Caught on Garage Door


We were shocked to hear of an accident in Ontario, Canada involving a nine-year-old boy known only as Jack and an electrically-operated garage door this month and thought we’d better share the story with the good folk of Bradford as it could just as easily happen here too.

The incident

The boy was playing outside with friends before deciding to go home. He tapped in the code to open his garage door and ducked under the door while it was still opening, when his sweater got hooked on part of the door – most likely the door handle - and the door pulled him up off the ground, injuring him in the process.   

Jack was spotted by two people passing by in a car and they stopped and rushed to help him, before being joined by a family member and a jogger. Artificial resuscitation was performed on Jack before he was rushed to a nearby hospital and then transferred to Toronto Sick Kids hospital and placed on a life support machine.  

An article published on a website dedicated to Ontario’s local news on 30 April reported that Jack had been taken off life support and was expected to make a full recovery.

Are electric garage doors safe?

We would say that for the most part, they are very safe.  Many electric garage doors are fitted with obstruction sensors which help to make the doors safer. In Jack’s case, the door may have been equipped with such a safety feature and it could have failed, but occurrences of this nature are thankfully extremely rare.

There are also other ways to prevent such a horrific accident from occurring.  Indeed, many manufacturers would recommend that the door handle is removed if it is not necessary to prevent something from getting caught on it.

While the cause of the accident was still unclear at the time of the latest report on 30 April, you can guard against malfunctions and breakages with the ten year guarantee that we offer on all of our garage doors, as well as by seeking advice from our experts on 01274 352 303.

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