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Cheap and cheerful garage doors


Garage doors both domestic and commercial can either be a welcomed change or an unwanted dilemma. You may be in the market looking for a new garage door, which does have its benefits. Garage doors have great reinvestment potential in property valuations. However, you may just be looking for a cheap solution if your garage door has broken or is damaged beyond use.

If you’re after a new garage doors for reasons out of your control then a quick fix may be the answer. Garage doors, whilst for the most part, can be very durable and long lasting, they still need renovating or replacing from time to time.

There are many aspects that go into what garage door you can end up with. With each of these there is always a cheapest option.

Firstly, consider the material. PVC and steel are often the cheapest material. Steel is slightly more expensive than PVC but both have their benefits. Steel is much more durable than other materials. For cost effectiveness, this is number 1. Galvanised steel offers much more security than other materials and it is able to withstand harsher weather conditions. Therefore, in turn, it will cost less in the long run with repairs and services. PVC is outright the cheapest option, whilst it isn’t as strong as steel this cheap and cheerful option is one of the most popular. It has all the bare essentials needed with a garage door. It is still secure, durable and strong; albeit not as much as steel. PVC is also very easy to customise into specific sizes and style.

The mechanism is the next consideration you should make
Garage doors can be manufactured to suit any need you have. Common place today is the electric roller shutters. These roll upwards into a barrel placed at the ceiling inside your garage. Sectional over work similarly to roller shutters. This type is split into panels which collapse and fold at the top across the ceiling inside your garage. Door hinged are another type of garage door. These simply work like to big double doors that open outwards. the cheapest option of door type and style is however, the up and over. Again, a simple, cheap but effective option. Up and over simply lift upwards and slides along the ceiling. There nothing fancy about this, no collapsing panels or electric function. That being said, they are still very high quality and long lasting but you will have to manually lift it.

So the cheapest combination for every manufacturer will be a PVC up & over garage. This type will be very affordable, and have great value for money. it will do everything a garage should do just in a classic, standard way with no extra trimmings.

There are many additions that can be made to garage doors. They can be customised with a whole host of different features and extras. You can add windows, insulation, paint and much more. If you’re on a budget or don’t want the unwelcomed cost of a garage door than just leave this out of it. There is no need for a customisable paint job just get the raw material made to measure and installed with no added cost.

A new garage door doesn’t need to break the bank. With a little knowledge about garage doors you can carefully choose the most viable option. Cheap and cheerful can still have its benefits. If you’d like more information on affordable garage doors call a professional. Bradford garage doors have over 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and installing a wide range of garage doors. Give us a call on 01274 352 303.

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