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Check your Garage Doors


If you have an electronic garage door at your property in Bradford, making sure it works when you need to use it daily, weekly or monthly is of key importance. There are some issues which can occur with garage doors that you cannot do much about, however, there a few things which you should check regularly to spot any serious issues before they cause either damage or personal injury.

Checking your garage door only takes a few minutes and it usually involves just checking the sensors. If the sensors fail, like failing to detect if an object is underneath when you press the sensor, you could potentially damage items or cause serious bodily harm to pets of children.

At Bradford Garages we have partnerships in place with Hörmann, the leading electronic garage door operating system providers, which mean that any system that is installed by us comes with high levels of quality. Hörmann are continually developing their systems to make sure they get better, easier to use and have less faults, much to the delight of our customers.

Most garages come with a system whereby if an object is in the gap it will either a) not close the door at all or b) close until within a few inches before reversing the full way back up. Making sure this happens can be done by using an empty box in the middle of the garage entrance and trying the sensor. If everything works properly, your garage door should function safely and not crush the box underneath.

Another thing to check is that the operating device works, so that you can access your garage door. If it doesn’t, try changing batteries in the remote but if it still stays closed, seek professional advice.

If you have a more serious issue with your garage door and it is not working or appears to be damaged, we have a specialist repair team who can attend your needs quickly.

For more information on garage doors in Bradford or how to check your garage door properly, please call us on 01274 352 303.

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