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Easy ways to get your garage ready for the cold months


Winter may not be here just yet, but if you aren’t careful, the next thing you know it’s on your doorstep. Preparation goes a long way when it comes to maintaining your garage in the colder months, so here at Bradford Garage Doors, we have come up with a list of ways to get your garage ready for winter.

Maintain your garage door

It is so important that your garage door is in the best condition possible – you don’t want cold air seeping in to your home, as it would lead to increased energy bills as well as a freezing home if the garage is attached to your home. Your garage door also improves your safety, if the door is in a bad condition during winter, it could get blown off its hinges during a snowstorm. Again, if your garage is attached, this would mean the safety of your whole home faces a serious threat. For more reasons as to why this is so important, read one of our previous articles here.

Heat installation

Making your concrete garage a comfortable environment all year round is a must, install a heater to make the most of any weather. Not only will it mean you can spend time in the garage, but it will mean all your equipment will be in better condition and there is less risk of them being damaged.


If your garage is used all year round as a room, man cave, gym, workshop etc. then we highly recommend insulating your garage for maximum heat preservation. Using your garage for any of the previously mentioned uses will be a struggle in freezing conditions.

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