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Facts about your door


Most people take their front door for granted. It is something we pass through several times a day without so much as a second thought. Here at Bradford Garage Doors we are proud to install a range of Hormann doors in properties around the area, which is why we have done some research into the humble door and its fascinating history and come up with 10 top facts you should know:

  1. The origin of the door dates back to Ancient Egypt, here doors were simply slabs of wood with primitive hinges. The Egyptians also invented a prototype lock that is remarkably similar to those we still use today.
  2. Europe’s oldest door, discovered in Zurich, Switzerland, is estimated to be over 5,000 years old.  
  3. The world’s largest door can be found in the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building in the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida which is made up of four sections each of which are 456 feet high.
  4. Many church doors around the world are painted red to symbolise the Passover. Red is thought to be the colour that represents safety and sanctuary.
  5. Irish doors are historically very colourful. This dates back to the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 when the government ordered all doors be painting black in mourning. In a show of independent defiance the Irish painted their doors in bold, colourful colours.
  6. The Roman God Janus, god of beginnings, ending and transitions, is also the god of doors.
  7. C. G Johnson invented the first ever overhead door in 1921, five years before he created the first automated garage door.
  8. Doors are very important in the art of Feng Shui. By applying it to your front door, including colour, direction and alignment with other doors, you can attract a harmonious flow of energy that will bring good luck upon your household.
  9. No English monarch has passed through the doors of the House of Commons since 1642 when King Charles attempted to arrest five of its members.
  10. The first automatic door design was created by Hero of Alexandria in the first century AD using a system of counter balances and steam powered weights.

So there you have it! Some top facts that prove there’s more to doors that meets the eye. If this has inspired you to install a new front door in your Bradford home do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Bradford Garage Doors on 01274 352 303. 

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