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Garage Door Other Uses


By tradition, the garage door is always used in conjunction with the garage whether this is for a commercial or domestic property. However in more recent years the garage door is being used for a whole range of other uses.

In Australia a team of designers have been using garage doors in other ways as part of the new designs both for internal and external applications.

The garage door is being used where sliding patio or bi-folding doors will have previously been used and the designers are finding that the garage door is superior to the space they offer.

Below our team at Bradford Garage Doors have looked at some of the best alternative methods of using a garage door currently across the world.

In the black box which is designed by architect in America, it appears to have no visible windows or doors. however it features three up and over doors that are electronically operated which allows a complete clear path between the office and the external surroundings providing copious amounts of natural light into the building.

A housing estate in New York has also been designed to include aircraft hangar garage doors due to the environmental benefits. Other companies to feature garage doors in their properties include under armour who use a garage door for the shopfront as this allows them to completely close off their large entrance area at night as well as have under armour branded across the bottom of the garage door.

These are just a few examples of where goes doors are used to different application. At Bradford garage doors whilst we are innovators in terms of the technology we use, we often stick to their primary application.

If you are looking for a new goes to and happen to live in the Bradford area please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today by calling 01274 352 303.

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