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Garage Door Safety


Garages are used for many different reasons. It could be to keep your car locked away and safe, or used as a storage for belongings that may not fit in your home. Whatever you use your garage for, there are safety and security challenges that you may face. This is a little list of safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

If you have a garage door opener and children, this can be a bad combination. It’s important to make sure the remote for your opener is completely out of reach of your child. These systems do usually come with a reverse function where if it hits or detects anything under the door, it automatically reverses back. This is of course helpful but if there was the slight chance that this function failed, it could mean a serious injury. It would be a good idea to frequently check your door opener, especially if it has reverse sensors, to make sure it is fully functional. This could be with a broom or an object and waving it under the door to see if it detects it and reverses. Children are experts at getting things that they know they’re not meant to have so having a functional door opener with reverse sensors is a good system to have.

Just like the door opener, garage doors should be regularly inspected. This is because they contain many springs and bolts that can become worn or broken with age. Checking these things and replacing them if broken is a good way to keep safe, keep your belongings secure and also to make sure that your garage door lives a long healthy life.

Make sure to place your remote somewhere safe, preferably in your home. This is because if someone was to break into your garage through the the back or a window, opening the door with an opener would make it easier to steal valuables such as your car.

If you follow these simple steps you will be guaranteed to keep yourself and the ones/things you love safe and secure. 

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