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Garage Doors Internal Use


Garage Doors are becoming an internal phenomenon as more and more designers use them as room dividers and pieces of art.

Many architects and designers are looking at ways to get much more from their properties and one of the best ways to do this is through an electric garage door. As we have mentioned previously the garage door place a key part in keeping your items safe in a garage and is the single biggest component (usually) in the exterior of a home.

For that reason, imagine having then as a movable or opening wall which could allow you to look out and see stunning views or scenery. Whilst the door is closed it would appear to just open up a garage space (from the outside) but when open you could magically create a superb free air space in a lounge which would give our house the added wow factor.

This has been used for many years at beach houses or houses with sea views that want to take advantage of them (not all the time).  It has become a decorative feature in the home that’s very functional as well.

They have been used in many commercial applications as well with retail stores using them to allow them to completely open up the front of the store, whilst at night provide unrivalled levels of security.

So the next time you are thinking about either adding partitioning or a wall, think if a garage door might allow you to do a bit more. If it is an external part of the home which would afford great views, combine them both and get the very best of both worlds. 

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