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High-Quality Garage Side Doors in Bradford

If you use your garage on a regular basis and would like to be able enter it without having to open the full garage door, Bradford Garage Doors can provide a range of garage side door solutions.

We can supply separate garage side doors that are an exact match to your full garage door. These can be fitted to either the front, back or side of your garage, dependent upon whether your garage is joined to your home or detached. The garage side door will have the same colour, surface finish, insulation and security feature as your main garage door.

A garage ‘wicket’ door is also available, which is a garage side door within your garage door. Hörmann are the only manufacturer that can provide a wicket door with as little as a 10mm lip at the base, which makes it easier to wheel things in and out of your garage and reduces the risk of tripping. Our wicket doors come with a solid aluminium frame and also offer the highest level of security with our multi-point locking system.

Both our entrance and wicket garage side doors can be manufactured to the same exact specification of your garage door, with a choice of luxurious door handles to achieve that perfect balance between style and practicality.

Features & Benefits

  • 3 point locking system
  • Huge choice of colours
  • Frames can be colour matched
  • Choice of frame widths (side doors)
  • Wide choice of handles (side doors)
  • Decograin available