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Garage door security – how to prevent break-ins


Carrying out regular maintenance on your garage door is an absolute must. It means that your door is as functional as it can be and the chance of it breaking has been minimised – leading to more protection for the contents of your garage. But to make sure your garage is fully safe from all the dangers of the outdoors, there are a handful of easy, simple steps that you can take. Here at Bradford Garage Doors, we have compiled a list of them to make your life that little bit easier.

Cover or frost any windows

Use curtain, blinds or shades to cover your windows, preventing any potential burglar from looking inside your home and doing a spot of window shopping. The only downside to this is that any natural light that once got in to your garage is now blocked – this is where the frosted windows come in handy, as they allow the light to enter the garage whilst stopping people from looking in.

Don’t leave the remote in the car

If a thief manages to break in to your car and finds the garage door remote, he instantly has access in to your garage and potentially further in to your home. By keeping your remote on your person via a keychain, it lessens the chance of a potential intruder from having access to your home.

Always close the door

It sounds simple, but if you don’t close your door, it instantly gives someone a golden ticket to your home. There are devices or apps which can automatically close your garage door after a certain amount of time.

The team here at Bradford Garage Doors is full of garage door specialists that can assist you in any of your garage door needs. So for any help or further information, give one of us a call on 01274 352 303.

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