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Hormann Bi Secur Remotes


The increase in the amount of people wanting electronic opening garage doors has led to market leaders Hörmann producing a range of very stylish and good looking remote controls.

In the past, controllers had been pretty boring and very temperamental, but now, multi-coloured variations are available and they are tough and durable for daily use. However, Bradford Garage Doors would like to point you in the direction of Hormann’s Bi Secur remote control system, the current market leader.

The Hormann Bi Secur remote control system have been built using the very latest technology and with many bugs also removed, they are more reliable than ever. Also to ensure better levels of security, the transmitter uses an encrypted signal to open and close the door and this will also inform you if the door is open or closed.

Other great features of these Bi Secur remotes include:

  • A range of exclusive white and black transmitted designs.
  • Future proof technology which should ensure that your transmitter is compatible with more technologically advanced houses of the future.
  • Compatibility with older transmitters and frequencies so that you can use new transmitters with older models and machines. This is a great benefit and could well allow you to use the newest technology without having to change your whole system, costing you only the new transmitter price.
  • A complaint with older models was that the battery life was not very good, however the new model comes with greater improved battery life (in standard conditions).
  • These transmitters are compatible with all the Hörmann range of garage doors as well as gates, light and other automation in the home.

The new and improved lighting system should also come in very hand. Through a range of four colours, you should always know the status of your transmitter, these include: Blue = transmitting, red = door open, green = door closed, orange = status query.

Should you already have an electronically operated garage door, or be thinking or getting one and require the most up to date remote control, look no further than this Hörmann model. If you live in or around Bradford and require more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team on 01274 352 303.

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