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How to clean your garage door


Regular cleaning of any part of your house is essential to keep it well maintained, garage doors are no different. Whilst our garage doors are often taken for granted, they too are in need of some TLC from time to time. Although garage doors are manufactured to be incredibly durable and withstand harsh weather conditions, you should still clean them.

Use an abrasive sponge

A simple cloth is a useful cleaning tool, however, it will struggle to remove the deeper, tougher stains. Your garage door will have experienced lots of bad weather and be faced with a build-up of mud and dirt from over the years. Make sure your sponge isn’t made of wire as this can damage the door, but you should have some form of abrasive side if you want to have a better chance of removing the stains.

Use a pressure washer

A pressure washer uses water at an extremely high force and is excellent and easily removing tough stains. Some stains that have built up over time may even be too tough to remove with a sponge. By using a pressure washer you can use its power to restore your garage to a newer, fresher condition without damaging the body, or using too much physical effort.

Don’t forget the tracks

Whilst the main body of the garage door is the most important aspect for restoring its fresh looks, the tracks also need to be regularly cleaned. The tracks are largely responsible for the garage doors functionality. Poor maintenance of these will likely cause your garage door to stop working over time as dirt and debris can build up in the tracks which block the garage door from opening and closing smoothly.

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