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How to pick the right garage door for you


Whilst investing in a new garage door offers the opportunity to update the look of your property as well as enhance its overall appeal, knowing which door is best for the job can be tricky. With many different styles out there, we recommend you bear the following in mind when picking your new one:

1. Property style

A first consideration is what style of door will fit with your property. The most appropriate will depend on whether you are in an urban setting or a rural area as well as whether your home is an older or more contemporary building. Have a look at other garages near you to get an idea of what designs work.

2. Material and maintenance

It is also important to consider the material. Wood has many advantages and can provide a rustic look but can take more effort to maintain than metal. Think about how much time you can put aside to look after your new door before you buy.

3. Security

The level of security you desire is worth reflecting on too. With garages commonly being used to store expensive sports equipment and garden furniture it is a good idea to invest in a sophisticated locking system to protect belongings.

4. Opening style

Most doors can be electric operated these days. Have a think about whether this would work for you or if you’d prefer the more traditional, manual operated design.

5. Space requirements

Finally, think about the amount of space you require – both within and outside the garage. For example a roller door is great if you have a short driveway as it does not need any space to open in compared to an up and over which swings out before retracting into the garage roof.

If you are thinking of replacing your garage door and would like some help picking the right one, please get in touch with one of our team today on 01274 352 303. We will be happy to advise you on the designs we supply as well as arrange a free site survey and quote.

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