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How to protect your garage


Garages are a prime target for thieves, so other than keeping the garage door closed which you should do at all times, here are seven not-so-obvious tips to stop your garage from being broken into…

Make your remote inconspicuous

If you have an in-car garage door opener, avoid leaving the remote inside the car as this will be the first place many thieves will look. Also consider replacing your large opener with a small version that fits on a keychain; these can be found at DIY stores as well as our on-site ABi shop.

Fortify the service door

You can prevent your garage door from splitting with a metal lock reinforcement device. To fortify your service door, a high-quality dead-bolt can be used to reinforce the hinges and doorjamb, thereby protecting it against being forced open.  However, the dead bolt will be less effective if the door and doorjamb are not also reinforced.

If this is the case, take steps to reinforce the lock area of the door using a metal sleeve, before installing a heavy-duty strike plate, which must be attached to the wall frame using long screws.   Strike plates are available at DIY stores everywhere.

If your door hinges are equipped with the usual 3/4 –inch screws, this will mean that your door will be easy to kick in. This an easy enough problem to fix, requiring only one of these short screws from each to be replaced, with those nearest the weather stripping being the ideal candidates for replacement. 

Fit motion detectors

Upgrading light fittings to incorporate motion sensors is a simple way to make your garage more secure, as thieves will be much less inclined to attempt a break-in with a bright spotlight on them in the dark. 

Cover windows

Covering glass windows so that your garage’s contents cannot be viewed from the outside is a good way to discourage opportunistic burglary. Alternatively, you can apply a translucent film that will still obscure a potential burglar’s view of what’s inside, while also letting light into what could otherwise be a rather gloomy space.

Bar the windows to prevent break-ins

If burglars are unable to simply enter a garage through the garage door, they will often attempt to do so through any windows with which the garage is equipped, as they are notorious for being relatively easy to pry open.

While it is obviously important to lock your garage windows if possible, smashing the window is also an option, although this usually a last resort because of the associated noise. However, this does happen, and installing window bars is therefore a great way to make your windows entirely burglar-proof.  

Disable your garage door

If you go on holiday, unplug the electric garage door mechanism if you have one. If your garage door uses manual operation, use a padlock on the latch, or simply disable the door from the inside by placing a bolt through one of the holes in the tracks.   

Install a timer

As previously stated, it is very important to keep your garage door closed. Yet, if you or a member of your family forgets, you can install an electronic timer that will close your door automatically after a certain pre-specified amount of time has lapsed. 

If you live in Bradford and would like more information on how to protect your garage with a secure garage door, or would like to purchase any of the equipment described in the article, please call Bradford Garage Doors now on 01274 352 303.

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