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How to test the balance of a garage door


Garage doors are built to be secure, safe to use and long lasting. But sometimes like everything they can malfunction, particularly if they aren’t well maintained or if they weren’t installed properly by experienced professionals.

If a garage door is off balance it can cause serious injury to homeowners trying to operate them, therefore it is important you call out a team like Bradford Garage Doors to solve the problem for you.

Signs that your garage door may be off balance:

  • The garage door may bind, stick or seem off balance
  • It may not reverse properly
  • Springs or brackets may appear out of place

If any of the above issues are happening to your Bradford garage door, then we recommend that you test the balance of it. To do this, we suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Close the garage door
  2. Make sure you disconnect the garage door from the garage door opener- there should be a manual release to help you do this
  3. Whilst the door is disconnected you should manually try to open and close the door with one hand
  4. Any issues with the door e.g. if it sticks or binds, then lubricate the door and try again
  5. Now lift the door around 3ft off the ground and let go- if your garage door is balanced it should stay in place- if it doesn’t then chances are your garage door isn’t balanced and you need to call a professional team like Bradford Garage Doors to come and have a look

To speak with our team about an unbalanced garage door, please contact us on 01274 352 303 for further information. 

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