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Insulated garage door benefits


With Summer well and truly over and Winter not long away, we thought now is a better time than ever to make you aware of the benefits of an insulated garage door. Standard garage doors have better insulating properties than an old garage door due to advanced technologies and designs, but it is vital that you get the best insulation that your budget can allow.

Saves energy

Most expert energy saving advice usually overlooks the garage and garage door, but it’s one of the least energy efficient parts of your home (due to differentiations in its structural design). If your garage door isn’t insulated, heat will escape in Winter and the cool air in Summer, meaning your air conditioning and heating systems will be working even harder to make your garage a cool temperature all year round.


Another fantastic benefit of an insulated garage door compared to a standard one is how durable it is. This is because the insulated garage doors are structured differently, meaning it gives added protection to your garage and what is inside.

Insulated doors are made up from an aluminium or steel frame which is filled with solid core insulation, sandwiched between either single or double duelled panels. This particular structure creates an energy efficient, lightweight garage door that is less susceptible to damage.


An uninsulated garage door tends to be a lot louder than an insulated garage door and although it’s not one of the most important factors, it’s an added benefit. The main culprit of an old garage door that is loud is the track mechanism as well as loose chains on the track making noise.

If you have any questions about insulated garage doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly experts on 01274 352 303.

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