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Insulating your garage doors


Whilst British summer is just around the corner that definitely doesn’t means it’s all t-shirt weather just yet. Our garages are notoriously cold all year round as our garage doors are usually not entirely great for keeping the heat in. For the most part we aim to spend as little time in there as possible; a quick in and out. That being said, there are things we can do to make our time in our garage less dreaded.

Most of the heat lost in our garages in Bradford is through the garage doors. Fortunately, here at Bradford Garage Doors we have compiled a list of insulating tips you can do to make your garage more energy efficient and warmer.

Ceiling and walls

The walls of your garage are fairly cheap and easy to insulate. There are a number of materials you can put into the cavity of your walls to keep them insulated. One of which that works as a great layer of insulation is bubble foil. Bubble foil can be picked up from most hardware stores for around a tenner a roll. Simply line the inside of your walls with it and the difference will be almost immediately noticeable.

Get rid of gaps

This may seem obvious but if your garage door has a small hole in it then almost all the heat will be let out. This usually happens after a period of time whereby your garage door has fallen into disrepair. But a quick bit of TLC can turn this around in a no time. If all else fails and it seems the damage is too far gone then it might be time to think about a replacement.

Get a new door

The problem simply might be that your current garage doors is getting old, tired or worn. York garage doors manufacture the highest quality garage door that are extremely durable. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions so will keep your garage warmer for longer.

Inspect door seals

Admittedly we all take less care of our garages than any other room in our house. if a small problem arises like a gap around the door, we give it less attention as if it were inside our home. therefore, any small gap around the garage door goes unattended. With some builder caulk you can effectively seal off the gaps around your garage door. This will give it much greater defences against cold weather and make your garage better insulated.

If your garage door is well insulated then the possibilities for your garage are endless. It will no longer have to be the dreaded place where you want to spend as little time as possible. You can turn it into a play room, gym or office.

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