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Look after that door


Garage doors are an investment and whilst you don’t want to be having to inspect them all the time, some loving and care for it will ensure it last longer.  

Below, our team at Bradford Garage Doors have listed a few ways in which you can ensure your door is well kept, and doesn’t cost you lots of money to keep.

Regular checking

Checking your door in a regular fashion is very important. To be able to spot any changes or damages, you must first know its condition and thus a check every few months should help determine this. A great way to use modern technology is to take pictures of it every time you check. Not only does this give you a direct comparison, it should further highlight any deterioration quicker.

Do some maintenance

Some maintenance works can be done easily by an owner and will not take too much time. The results however will be an increase in the lifespan of the door. You should check to make sure your hinges are well lubricated and apply WD-40 (if required or allowed) to ensure the smooth running.

Use professionals

Whislt no-one wants to have to call out an engineer to fix a problem, sometimes a quick call-out can ensure you door remains working. If it does need a repair, the quicker it is done, the less damage will have accumulated and the fewer pounds you will have to spend. It should also not heavily impact on the longevity of the door.

Keep it clean

A clean door can also help to make sure the door lasts longer. Ideally, you should clean your door with a warm washing-up liquid solution monthly. If you live by the seaside, you should do this a bit more frequently.

These are just a few tips to help you get maximum length out of your door. If you would like to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today by calling 01274 352 303.

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