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Electric door in a power cut


Every one of the garage doors we supply and/or install is equipped with a manual override system to ensure that the garage door can be opened in the event of a power-cut or motor failure. There are many different systems with which garage doors are equipped, and these are described as follows:

Release mechanism fitted to the garage door handle

This is usually fitted to up and over, sectional, and side-hinged type doors and works via cable that is cable is attached on the inside of the door extending from the door handle to automatic operator’s towing arm carriage assembly. When the handle is unlocked from outside, this will enable you to turn the handle and release the motor drive from the door panel manually.

This type of mechanism is known for its reliability and as long as it is tested once or twice a year to make sure the cable has not stretched at all, it will stay in good working order and continue to release whenever required.

Key barrel in the door panel fitted with release mechanism

For doors like those above but without door handles, but instead opens when a key is inserted and turned inside a key barrel. The release mechanism consists of a cable linking the key barrel to the motor’s towing carriage. In a power-cut or another type of emergency you would need to unlock the cylinder and take out the barrel, before pulling the release mechanism.

External winding handle access point (low level)

Used in insulated roller garage doors when there is no other door allowing access to the garage. This involves feeding the internal manual override system to the outside of the garage through its brick wall. A steel plate is fitted over an access point and this plate is lockable. When unlocked, the winding handle can be fed in through the access point and be used to wind the door up or down until the power comes back on.  

External winding handle access point (high Level)

For roller garage doors that are fitted externally, with the manual override being accessed from the outside. This type of mechanism also has an access point covered by a lockable steel plate which can be unlocked to gain access to the inside and wind up or wind down the curtain.

Battery back-up system

While not a standard feature on all models of garage door, it can be fitted to nearly all garage doors. When a power failure occurs, the battery will kick into action and will usually work for between three and six operations until it needs to be recharged.

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