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Prevent a home burglary


Here at Bradford Garage Doors we know how important it is to keep your home secure, it has been said that every 45 seconds in the UK there is an attempted burglary, and every 76 seconds it is successful. That is why we have come up with some top tips to keep your Bradford home safe.

Garage doors

One of the main common causes of a home burglary is an unsecured garage door. An old garage door can be a visible weak point on your home. Make sure your door locks are secure and working properly. If your garage is attached to your property and you are worried about burglars entering your home through it why not consider installing a C-clamp. If your garage door lifts on a track, a C-clamp can provide extra security.

Garages can also be a useful measure in keeping your home secure. For if your garage does not have windows, burglars will not be able to tell if your car is there and therefore whether you are in or out.

Simple measures

There are a few simple preventative measure you can take that are basically just good common sense, such as not leaving valuables on display and not leaving keys to your home outside in obvious places, like under the bin or plant pot etc. Furthermore, a dark property is a tell-tale sign that a home is empty, invest in gadgets that switch on lights, televisions and radio when you are not in, in an effort to make your home appear occupied at all times. Make sure you have a burglar alarm installed, in good working order and clearly visible on the front of your property.

Securing doors and windows

If your windows and doors are of high quality and appear new and secure, there is less of a change burglars will attempt entry into your home. Opt for a front door that has a multiple-point security locking and security anti-break options to further fortify your home.

If you require new high quality garage and front doors to keep your home safe and secure, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at Bradford Garage Doors by calling 01274 352 303 to find out about the products we supply and install. 

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