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Roller or Sectional Door?


If you are looking for a new garage door that has great space saving attributes, you will be considering the roller garage door and the sectional garage door.

Over time, the choice has become more difficult as technological advances have meant that colours and finishes of both doors are of a high standard.

By tradition, a roller garage door can be fitted into more garage openings because all it has to do is roll, whereas the sectional garage door has a tracking system internally. This can often be spoiled by internal bricks or beams which make any installation difficult and often not viable. Below we have a look at some of the other major consideration factors.


For many homeowners, price is still a major consideration when choosing a garage door. When comparing the roller and the sectional however, an aluminium roller door and a sectional garage door are similar in price. We stress that this is a high quality roller garage door, like the Hörmann Rollmatic, and that it has internal components that are built so they last more than one up and down operation.


The sectional door does however offer some alternatives, with insulation a big difference. Currently, many leading garage door manufacturers offer a doubles skinned 42mm version and this can sway any decision between the two. This might be particularly important if your garage is attached to the home. Many of the leading sectional doors also have great U values which the roller does not.


If you are considering customising your garage door, such as including windows within it, a large sectional door with only four panels will be much more beneficial than a roller door which can have around 22 slats.


For security purposes, both offer more than average levels of security. Some roller garage doors have a ‘secure by design’ accreditation whereas sectional ones currently do not, but both are very secure.

If you would like some advice about either garage door, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team. We can help recommend the garage door which is better for your individual circumstances and also suggest methods of electronic operation and finish. For more information, please contact us on 01274 352 303.

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