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Should you have a Timber Door?


It’s already very stressful deciding on what type of garage door you want for your home so picking the material is also extra stress. There are two main types of materials when it comes to garage doors and that is wood and Metal. So which one do you choose?  


You’ll see most wood garage doors on big, expensive houses just because they give a very luxurious look. And yes, they are more expensive but are still very affordable. That extra bit of cash could improve the appearance of your home.  

One of the pro’s of a wood garage door is the variety. With there being so many options, it means you can find exactly the right one that benefits your home. It is important to look into the different types of wood because they all provide a different finishing colour. There’s walnut, ebony, rosewood, medium oak, light oak, dark oak, golden oak, mahogany, teak and many more. Wooden doors also offer better insulation.

The only other downfall of wood doors apart form expenses, would be that they need a lot of maintenance. If they have a lack of care and repairs they can end up getting damaged pretty easy as well as not looking the best.


Metal garage doors are a lot less hassle. There’s no need to sand, stain or repaint them. Metal doors also come in a variety. They are easier to install and cheaper so if you’re on a tight budget, metal might be ideal.

The only downfalls would be that they don’t have the same insulation properties as wood, they also don’t add any value to your home.

So in conclusion, if you’re wanting to add aesthetic value and a luxurious look to your home then wood is the right one for you. If your garage door isn’t really in view and you’re also looking for something a little cheaper, then it’s advised you go for metal.

Bradford Garage Doors provide a range of both timber and metal garage doors. If you are still unsure on which door to go for don’t hesitate to contact the team by calling 01274 352 303.

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