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Simple ways to organise your garage


Bradford Garage Doors can make the outside of your garage look fresh and smart, but the inside is a different matter! If your garage has become so cluttered, that the assortment of items within prevents you from finding anything, then it is time to take action. Summer is a great time to organise your garage, allowing you to open the garage door, to move items outside, while you organise those inside.

Before you begin, decide what you want to use your garage for, as this will direct what remains in your garage, and what must go. Then begin by pushing everything to the sides, or outside, to clear space in the middle.

Starting at one corner, work your way methodically around, sorting everything into piles to keep, to throw away, or to re-locate to the charity shop. You will notice that your items will fall into categories, such as gardening equipment, sports equipment, etc. Save time by grouping things into these separate categories at this stage.

When everything has been looked over, and some disposed of, you will have more room to organise what is left. Take a look at what remains and decide on storage systems. Install shelving or racks on the walls, or free-standing shelving. Ceiling hooks for large items will save valuable space on the floor.

Don't forget to allow adequate clearance for closing your garage door, then begin to put your items back, locating priority items first. Keep items from each category together, to simplify finding things later.

Larger heavier items will probably have to stay on the floor but think vertical as much as possible. Store very small items together in boxes on shelving, but for ease of identification label boxes and store similar items together.

Keeping your garage clutter-free may seem like a chore, but the extra space you gain will make your efforts worthwhile.

To discuss keeping your garage looking smart from the outside, call the experts at Bradford Garage Doors for the very highest standards of garage door maintenance, supply, and installation.

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