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The most common reasons your garage door won’t work


Bradford Garage Doors supply a range of automated and manual garage doors. If you are experiencing annoying garage door problems, you should call the garage door service team at Bradford Garage Doors.

Here are the ten most common reasons why automated garage doors don’t work:

  1. The transmitter batteries are dead. If the door works when the garage transmitter is operated, replace the batteries in the car transmitters.
  2. The photo eye, which prevents the door from closing on an obstruction, may be dirty, or obscured, or may even have slipped out of alignment. Clean carefully, and check the two sides are lined up correctly.
  3. The track may have slipped out of alignment. This is something you should seek help from Bradford Garage Doors with.
  4. Your transmitter doesn’t work because you are out of range, or your neighbour’s transmitter operates your door. Try from nearer the door. Shared frequencies can cause garage door problems. Ask Bradford Garage Doors about changing the transmitter frequency.
  5. Your door is sensing an obstruction, so will not close. Check for mud, or small stones, or insect debris that might cause garage door problems.
  6. Your springs may have broken. Do not attempt to touch faulty springs yourself, but call in the professionals at Bradford Garage Doors.
  7. Newly fitted doors may require adjustment to stop opening or closing at the correct position.
  8. The manual disconnect switch may have been engaged.
  9. The door is manually locked, as a security measure.
  10. The tension springs or cables have broken. This is a fault that requires the immediate attention of the trained fitters at Bradford Garage Doors.

The skilled garage door fitters at Bradford Garage Doors are available to assist with any of your garage door problems, so if in doubt, call in the professionals to return your automated garage door to full working order quickly and safely. Contact us on 01274 352 303.

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