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Tips for Repairs


A garage door has many moving parts which means It could need regular inspections to see if it may need any repairs. If you come across something that you feel may need repairing, then of course, you’re most likely going to try mend it yourself. There are a few tips to follow to make sure this is a safe and easy process for you.

Find the Problem - This seems the most obvious but it is important to decide what it is that needs repairing on your garage door before going any further. Take some time to analyse your garage, what seems out of place? Are the springs damaged? Is there any noise coming from the opener? Are there any loose bolts? These are the main things to look at and if your garage door does seem broken, one of these is most likely the source.

Parts - If you’ve found what the issue is and notice it needs replacing. The last thing you want is to go buy a part to replace it, for it to then be the wrong part. Different parts come in different shapes and sizes so it’s essential to make sure you get the right one for your particular garage door. Before going to a store, take a picture, write down any figures or names that may be on the broken part. Ask a member of staff and they should direct you to the right part that you need.

Tools - Similar to the parts point, using the right tool again is important. Using the wrong tool can make the process a lot harder than it needs to be and can also be dangerous.

If you feel uneasy about doing any repairs yourself, Bradford Garage Doors are experts and would be happy to help. Call 01274 352 303 for assistance.

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