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Tips to organise your garage


The team here at Bradford Garage Doors have been in the garage industry for many years. In that time, a number of key skills have been learnt and top tips have been taken on board, and we feel it’s vital that we share these tips with you, our customers.

Now, the solution to a healthy garage is organisation – something which a lot of people turn their noses up at. But it’s vital that you organise your garage, and we know it can be a big task, but here are our tips that we’ve learnt over the years for a successful garage organisation.

Invest in shelving

If it’s possible, ever inch of your garage walls should have shelving. Not only does it maximise storage space, but they’re cheap, easy to install and takes a lot of rubbish from the floors and worktops.

You may not want shelving on your walls as they don’t hold that much weight, so we recommend that you invest in a shelving unit. These units can hold a ton of weight and are ideal for items such as tires, large tins of paint etc.

Use vertical space

One mistake a lot of people make is not utilising the space above their ahead. It’s ideal for storing items on hooks or racks, items such as bikes, ladders and tents. Alternatively, you could install your very own ceiling rack system, which would allow you to slide storage boxes along them.

Keep it clean and welcoming

Kepping your garage clean should be a given, but for many homeowners across the UK, their garage is an unorganised, untidy mess. Sweep the floors, dust the sides, and clean the windows regularly – maybe even add some extra lighting to brighten the place up.

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