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Top three reasons for keeping your car in your garage


Here at Bradford Garage Doors, we have come to realise over the past few years that not many people actually park their car in the garage (which is its original purpose). Instead, homeowners opt to use the space for alternative uses such as a storage, a home office or additional living space. But we feel you could benefit a whole lot more by using it to park your car, here are three top reasons to support our statement.

Your car will look better for longer

By keeping your car in your garage, it will protect your vehicle from getting damaged by all the elements and dangers outside. If you choose to park in the garage every evening, you are preventing bird droppings and tree sap damaging your car (both are acidic) as well as rain, ice and snow which all speed up the rusting process.

Storing your vehicle indoors prolongs its life and could be the difference between a new paint job every year and not having to.

Protected from storms

Your car will take a beating from torrential rain and other storms if you leave it out in the open – another thing which will decrease its longevity. Storms can blow unwanted dust and debris to the inside of your vehicle, and there’s nothing you can do about it – unless you park your car inside.

Less chance of theft or vandalism

This is obvious and common knowledge, but by parking your car inside, the likelihood of your car being stolen vandalised is a lot less than if it were out in the open. Thieves and vandals will have to break in to your garage to break in to your car, a task which majority won’t even attempt.

If you’re looking to enhance your garage’s security further, our garage doors are extremely secure thanks to top-quality insulation and the latest safety measures. For further information on our services and products, please feel free to give one of the team a call on 01274 352 303.

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