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Top tips for winter


Now that the winter is arriving, it is only 69 days until Christmas, it is time to think about making sure your garage door works all year round.

In Bradford, we have recently received a number of calls from disgruntled homeowners who have been unable to get into their garage through a broken door, and occasionally in worse situations, unable to safely lock their garage doors keeping their items securely inside.

The cold weather and difference in temperature can play havoc on your garage door, especially if it is a timber door or particularly old. Maintenance is often overlooked due to lack of time and the fact it always works. 

Last Christmas we discussed how you can look after your garage door each winter to ensure it works properly. You can read our top tips on the subject below and a detailed guide here.

Firstly it is important to make sure that any holes or cracks in the door are repaired as water can gain access and then freeze which will cause considerable damage.

If you haven't used your garage door for a while it is best to test it out otherwise you may have a shock when you need something from the garage over the festive period and can't get the door to open.

Also, despite it not necessarily being a fun job, you should check all the operating mechanisms like springs, hinges etc and just makes sure these look ok. If you notice any damage, seek professional advice immediately.

If you do not know what you are looking for, our team would be more than happy to come and carry out an inspection for you. We are experts in garage door repairs and new installs in the Bradford area and based locally means we care about the community.

For more information or to call one of our team, please call us on 01274 352 303.

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