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Update your garage


Whether you need a new garage door for cosmetic purposes, or actually need a garage door because your old one has broken, making the right choice and upgrading appropriately is very important.

One must consider the type of door they require, the material of their garage doors and more importantly the use of their garage. Get one of these three wrong and you will inevitably have a garage door that inhibits your love for either the products itself or the garage.

If you are unsure as to what you may use the garage door, you should speak to our team. If you think you may need extra space at some point, we may be able to fit the door between the opening, rather than behind it, giving an extra bit of space. Also if storage is an issue, we can recommend a garage door that maximises your storage capabilities.

If you might want to convert the garage in future but leave it looking like a garage, then an insulated garage door is a must, because of the reduction in heat loss.

Whatever your request we have a team on hand that can work best around the required desires and more importantly, ensure that they meet all the required colouring and stuff. 

For any more details, please call us on 01274 352 303.

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