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Weather can damage door


Contrary to popular belief the UK does have a summer, and although it may be sporadic at times the temperatures get rather high and this may cause damage to your garage doors.

The excessive heat and humidity combined with thunderstorms can cause damage to garage doors that homeowners may not be prepared for. In extreme summer weather conditions, the damage to your garage door can effect the entire garage door system, from the door to the motor.

With over 30 years’ experience in the garage door industry, the Bradford Garage Door team have carried out countless garage door repairs that have been a result of summer weather damage. Our experienced team have put together a few important signs of summer heat damage that if identified early may save you time and money later on.

Very high temperatures

If your garage door is located in a place of direct sunlight its temperatures can reach over 100 degrees, making it dangerous to touch and particularly damaging if you garage door is electrically operated as the electric motor system may over heat. Our experienced technicians at Bradford Garage Doors are always ready to repair your system is feeling the effects of high heat and humidity.

Intense sunlight

An off set garage that is built in the shad is less likely to be affected by summer weather damage, however, we understand that this is not always possible and that is what regular checks and inspections should be carried out to ensure that any damage caused can be repaired quickly solved. A garage door that is in place of direct sunlight throughout the day can be damaged in a few different ways as. As a result of the exposure, the raise in temperature can firstly alter the structure of the garage door depending of the materials the garage door is made from and also the appearance of the garage door as paints or coatings my fade due to the suns UV rays.   

Storm damage

Thunderstorms are common in the hot summer months form the rise in heat and humidity, and the more severe storms will increase the potential damage to the garage door. In some instances the wind and rain may cause the garage door to come loose from its tracks, be shifted out of alignment and be unable to open. 

In situations such as these it is always recommended that a professional garage door engineer assess the damage before carrying out any repairs. Although Bradford Garage Door supply the highest quality of garage door available at competitive prices, we understand that not every household will be financially prepared for a new garage door. That is why our engineers will present all your options to you before carrying out any work. 

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