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What door type is best?


Whilst you may be certain you want a new garage door, the type most suitable for your property may not be so clear. At Bradford Garage Doors we are used to helping our customers decide which style is most appropriate for their garage and have put together this handy guide which explains the main differences between each:

Roller door

These types of doors can be automated or manually operated. They consist of either one curtain or hinged slats, which when opened move upwards and roll onto a spindle located on the ceiling of the garage. They are usually made from steel or aluminium.

Sectional door

Like roller doors, sectional doors can also be automated or manual. They comprise of numerous horizontal, hinged, panels. When a sectional garage door is opened it first of all rises vertically before moving back into the ceiling. Steel is the most common material from which sectional doors are made, but some wooden designs are available too.

Canopy door

This kind of door differs to the previous two in that it swings out when it opens. Whilst about two thirds of the door slides backwards, into the garage, the remainder juts out from the garage itself. This means that is takes up less space inside, but that you shouldn’t park too near to the door. Canopy doors can be manufactured in a range of materials including timber, steel and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP).

Retractable door

Like a canopy door, a retractable door also swings out as part of the opening movement, but this time even further, meaning that vehicles should definitely not be parked too close by! These doors can be manual or automated and can be made from timber, steel and GRP.

Side hinged

As its name suggests, a side hinge door opens at the side. This is great if your garage has very little ceiling clearance space, but not so suitable on a small driveway as they need room to extend. These doors can also be produced in wood, steel and GRP.

Bradford Garage Doors have been serving customers in Bradford and its surrounding area for more than 30 years. To learn more about the different doors they supply and fit or to get a free quote please call our office today on 01274 352 303.

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