Why choose timber for your garage door?


Choosing a garage door can be very overwhelming. Whenever you change or replace it you may be tempted to stick with the same finish, but by exploring and trying new looks, your home will see many new advantages that you could not have with the old material for your garage door.

So rather than staying with the devil you know, open your home to a new garage door and relish in its newfound benefits. Timber is one material that more and more Bradford homes are using for their new garage door, and here’s why:

Curb appeal

Above all else, most homeowners are opting for a timber garage door for its aesthetic value. A high-quality timber garage door visibly sets itself apart from classic aluminium garage doors. The striking finish and colour is guaranteed to make your home stand out from the rest on your street for the extravagance it radiates.

Modern architecture

The style also suits a trend in modern architecture and housing. As new homes are evolving into modern styles with more striking exteriors as opposed to brick terraces, garage doors are adapting too. Having an outlandish and beautiful modern home is drastically played down with a plain aluminium garage door. Timber garage doors, on the other hand, compliment modern housing like no other material can.

Homely look

Having a timber garage door also makes it seem like more of a part of your home instead of a side building used to store tools. As the role of the garage evolves into an extension of the living space of our home, the garage doors adapt to replicate that homely feeling.

There are many benefits of having a timber or wood garage door, and they extend much further than aesthetics too. Timber garage doors have many practical benefits too, including strength and durability and insulation.

For more information about how a timber garage door can benefit your home, contact Bradford Garage Doors now on 01274 352 303.

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