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High Quality Roller Garage Doors in Bradford

Made of corrosion-free aluminium, the RollMatic garage door from Hörmann combines great styling and convenient ‘space saving’ benefits both inside and outside the garage. Because the garage door opens vertically, you can drive and park directly next to the door, maximising your driveway space. The door rolls into a barrel casing directly above the door on the inside of the garage, therefore making the rest of the garage ceiling space available for storage or for a tall vehicle.

Our roller garage doors are available in over 200 modern colour varieties, with the most popular being white, blue, black, red, grey and green. For those wanting a more traditional style, doors can also be manufactured with a Decograin coating, which gives an authentic timber finish. Our two main Decograin options are Golden Oak and Rosewood, both of which offer a warm and natural appearance.

As standard, our roller garage doors are fitted within electric operation, giving you comfort and convenience, particularly on those cold, dark winter evenings. Such is the quality of the paint coating and smooth finish, Hörmann’s roller doors are both extremely durable and completely weatherproof. Not only are they easy to clean but they will retain their original colour for much longer than other manufacturers doors.

Features & Benefits

  • Electric operator as standard
  • Polyester-primer coating finish
  • Huge range of colours
  • Decograin woodgrain options
  • Fits virtually any opening
  • Manual operation available
  • 10-year warranty
  • Glazing options available
  • Wind locks as standard